Saturday, October 25, 2014

Weekly Wound Up

Halloween is just around the corner! Are your kids' costumes ready yet? If you are looking for some last minute inspiration, be sure to check out our patterns group on Facebook where our members are sharing all kinds of creative costume ideas. Who knew that Halloween could be so cute?! 

New Releases

Our first pattern release this week is for both boys AND girls!! We now feature Cameron Costume Cloak Set for kids. This awesome pattern has a long cloak and short capelet, and features 4 collar options (Simple, High Back, Short, and Dracula) and 2 hood styles (Rounded and Pointed). You will never need another cape pattern again! 

On Wednesday we released three new baby patterns. First we have Baby Willow's Wrap Jacket. Winter is almost here so bundle your little one up in this ultra cute wrap jacket. The jacket can be reversible and also features options for longer sleeves to fold up to show off your lining fabric. Next we have Baby Malyn's Pretty Peasant Dress. It is a fun fast sew! It features a shirred waist, 3 sleeve lengths and an optional sash. Baby Willow's and Malyn's are available in size NB - 18/24 months. Last, we have a new baby boy pattern, Baby Andrew's Longalls, available in size NB-4T. This must-have jonjon has three optional pockets, snaps on the legs and straps, and extra length on the legs to fold up into stylish cuffs. So much cuteness for your little ones! 

Who's ready for a funky new dancewear pattern?!? Parker's Parachute pants are unique and sure to be loved by your little prince OR princess! Use Spandex or knit fabrics and pair them with one of the fun dancewear tops in our shop for a fun mix-and-match look! Size 2T-8. Parker's is on sale for 30% off until Sunday.

On the Blog

We have a special blog post for you from all of the staff at CKC! Please read, enjoy, and share!  

Have you tried our FREE Marilyn's Slim Fit Peasant Dress pattern that's available on It is one of our fan favorites, especially for beginners! We have had several fans ask the best way to attach a sash to a simple peasant dress, so this week on the blog we showed you how


Who is ready for a contest?? We have been seeing some AMAZING Halloween costumes in our group, so let's have a little fun. Upload your child wearing his/her CKC costume on our Facebook wall, name the character and pattern, and tag us. We're going to have a winner in each category listed in the photo above!! Contest ends Sunday, November 2 at 11:59 pm edt. Winners will win a 3-pattern pack and will be announced the following Monday.

Our Monthly Mixup includes 5 fall-themed patterns in one little order. Monthly Mixup will run for the entire month of October and if it does well, look for another one next month! As long as you guys love it, we'll keep doing it. This is a great stash builder and a fun way to try out some new patterns. Even if you already own one or two patterns, it's still a great deal on the package. Note that none of these patterns will be on sale for a half-off weekend anytime soon!

Weekend Sale

This weekend we have Serena's Stripwork Double Layer Dress on sale for 50% off!  Serena's is a reverse knot dress with lots of twirl! Our knot dresses are really cute layered over a long sleeve tee or peasant for colder weather, and you can even pair it with some frilly boutique pants. 

Then in addition to Serena's, we also have Landry's Stripwork Knit and Woven Dress on sale for 50% off this weekend! 

Landry's is knit on top and woven on bottom, making it comfy and super cute! It has three sleeve options, a fun stripwork skirt, and a unique ruffled bib that she is sure to love! Landry's is a fun way to show off all those holiday prints! 

That's all for our Weekly Wound Up. We hope you have an enjoyable weekend and a safe Halloween! 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Attaching a Sash to a Simple Peasant Dress

Have you had a chance to try out our free Marilyn's Slim Fit Peasant Dress that's available on It is the first ever CKC dress that I personally made and I instantly fell in love with it! I can't even guess  how many of these I might have made by now!  

The pattern comes with a sash and we have had many customers ask how to attach it to the dress. Actually, the sash wasn't intended to be attached and can be left off altogether.  Buuuut if you want to use the sash and have a little girl like mine who is thicker through the middle, the sash can slide right down if it's not attached! Also, some little girls are just too busy to let a sash slow them down and it's off in seconds. If you have one of these sweet darlings in your life, don't give up on the sash altogether, because today I'm going to teach you how to attach a sash to our simple peasant dress.  It's actually really easy! 

First let me say that this is definitely not the only way to attach a sash. For example, several patterns have a sash built right in, such as Hadley's Halter Top and Maisy's Ruffled Tunic.  Other dresses have a separate sash that is not meant to be attached but you can easily pin the sash across the whole front bodice seam and topstitch it in place from side seam to side seam. Those are both great ways to attach a sash.  But the reason I like to do today's alternate method is because it attaches the sash only on one side seam so that when it is tied around the child, the dress will be gathered evenly all around her belly or chest, rather than being flat in front and gathered in back.  So let's get started!

Step 1: Sew the dress and sash according to instructions, with no changes. 

 (Note, the Marilyn's pattern runs from sizes 18m to 6. If you need extended sizes, Jaclyn's Jumper Dress comes with a similar layering dress in sizes 6m to 8. Use the same sash as in Marilyn's.) 

Step 2: Lay the dress out on a flat surface. On one of the side seams, measure down the amount listed in the chart below and mark with a pin, as shown with the blue line above. 

Step 3: Take the completed sash and find its seam.  Match that  seam to the side seam of the dress, lining up the BOTTOM of the sash with the place that we marked in the previous step. Note the picture above. Check to make sure that the shorter end of the sash will be in front of the dress when tying, because the longer end will go all the way around the back and to the side or side-front. 

 Step 4: Pin the sash seam to the side seam at the place we marked. 

Step 5: Now sew the sash in place by "stitching in the ditch" up and down that seam line once or twice, being sure to backstitch at beginning and end. 

And that's it! Your sash is now ready to tie!  Notice that when we place the seams directly on top of each other, a tied bow will have assymetrical bow ties like in the picture above. I do this on purpose because I love the look! But if you want your bow to be perfectly even, you can play around with the placement on the sash before you attach it. 

Good luck to your little girl in trying to take off her sash off now. 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

CKC Goes Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and this is a topic that is very near and dear to our hearts here at CKC.  We have a very special and fun blog post for you today and we hope you know that we do it with compassion and love for all those of you (and us) who have been touched by this struggle.   We hope you enjoy our little PINK tribute today -- there are some really cute outfits ahead! (And even some sneak peeks...) 

First we want to share Morgan's sweet mom with you. If you're new to CKC, Morgan is one of our fabulous pattern designers and this is her adorable daughter and gorgeous mama above. Morgan's mom is a FIGHTER and an inspiration to all of us. I have never met her but I know how much her family loves her and that her smile speaks volumes. The courage! 

There are no words. 

This month Morgan has been sewing a pink outfit every day in honor of her mom and to support Breast Cancer Awareness.  She has set up an Instagram account for this little project/challenge, and you can come see all the cuteness here!  If you want to show your support for Morgan and her mom, this is a great place to do it! 

We also want to make quiet mention that there are some CKC fans we know of who are battling breast cancer right now, some in very advanced stages. We won't mention their names out of privacy and respect, but we want you to know that they are here.  ** We love you and we pray for you. **  We hope our sewing group continues to be a positive place for everyone to help out and support each other. <3

And now, our staff at CKC has a little treat for you!  We each made a pink-inspired outfit for the occasion and here they are!!















Thanks for taking a few minutes with us to support Breast Cancer Awareness! I think we can all look at how blessed we are and ask ourselves, "What more can I do to help?"

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Weekly Wound-Up

With less than two weeks until Halloween, how are all those adorable costumes coming along?! I am personally working on a Maleficent, an Angry Bird, and a pirate costume this weekend. The two older boys are still arguing over who gets to be "TNT" (as in, a red stick of dynamite) so I'm not sure where that will take me!  For now, let's take a look at all that's been going on at CKC this week! 

New Releases

 Tatum's Tunic Top is a new tunic design that is fully lined for comfort and features the use of tulle, chiffon, or lace to get this adorable 2-toned look! Tatum's is a great beginner pattern to get you comfortable with new fabric options and also to try out some of those fun holiday sheers!

We have four new Tween patterns this week!  In the photo above we have Dawn's Darling Fitted Top, with a variety of options -- and it pairs perfectly with with our new Stacy's Sassy Ruffle Skirt! Stacy's is full of girly, twirly ruffles that she is sure to love! 

 In Tweens we also released Clarissa's Belted Pants and Capris! This pattern has a special tween upgrade of added pockets and slimmer legs! Both the unique ruffle version and the simple (no ruffle) version will have you making many of these for your girl to wear. And finally we have Valerie's Shirred Bolero, another versatile addition to your tween's closet. This can be worn over tanks or dresses, and with multiple sleeve lengths it will be perfect for all seasons! 

 Cameron's Cape Set For Dogs was released just yesterday and it is perfect for small to medium breed dogs (sizes XS-XL). This adorable cape set has so many different options to create unique looks for your perfect little pooch! The cape is built into the harness and includes an option to add a D-Ring Loop so you can attach your leash. This year you'll be able to take your fur-baby Trick-or-Treating with the rest of the family! The Velcro enclosures make it easy to put on and take off and it’s perfect for both long and short haired dogs. Hurry & grab it while it’s 30% off (only $3.50!) through Sunday.

On the Blog

Look at this fun technique for embellishing your favorite patterns! Come join us on the blog where Nikki shows how to do it and you can even print off templates to make it a hassle-free project. Just think of all the possibilities!

Weekend Sale

This weekend we have two patterns on sale for 50% off that pair perfectly together for Fall! 

For the top we have chosen Maisy's Ruffled Peasant Tunic. Aside from its adorable tiered ruffles and tunic length, we also love that Maisy's has a built in sash that ties in back and three sleeve lengths to choose from! And look at that adorable sleeve-hem ruffle!  Maisy's is perfect for the playground, school, and even more formal affairs. 

And why not pair that adorable top with a new pair of Jenna's Lace Ruffle Pants and Capris?!  Jenna's can be made out of a variety of fabrics, from denim and corduroy for cool weather, to softer flannels or wovens if she prefers. Our weekend half-off sale on Jenna's includes dolls, babies, girls, and tween sizes too!  They will be on sale for 50% off all weekend long. 

We hope you have a happy weekend of sewing, and don't forget to share your creations with us in our patterns group! We love to see what you're making. 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen