Saturday, June 27, 2015

Weekly Wound Up

The calendar tells us that it is officially Summer now, and the thermometer agrees!  Summer is the perfect time to show off all those cute mama made clothes while we're out and about -- plus the hot hours of the day are my favorite time to stay indoors and get some creative sewing done! Our new CKC releases this week are perfect for summer, and of course we have a big sale coming up for the holiday too. Let's take a look! 

New Releases

Madeline's Reversible Scallop Shorts are available in Girl, Tween and Women sizes!  You get to use not one, but two of your favorite fabrics to create two completely different looks with just one pair. Madeline's are completely reversible! And with clear directions to create a flat, low front, this will be your go-to pattern for shorties. They also look fabulous with the hem folded up and pressed for a cuffed look!

Our super popular Danika's One Piece Top and Dress is now available in toddler, tween and plus sizes! Just like the women's pattern, Danika's is great for displaying your favorite fabric, and construction is a breeze! It's so comfy and stunning at the same time! 

We released four plus size patterns yesterday! First, we have Lexie’s Retro Halter Dress; perfect for all you retro fans, and so flattering. Then we have Lyric’s Knit High Low Ruffle dress. You can shorten this one to tunic length or even just leave off the ruffle and wear it with leggings. Next, we have Amber’s Simple Halter Dress and Top. This one fits amazing with the elastic back. If you have been scared to wear halter dresses before, you should make an exception for this one. It has amazing support helping to keep the weight off of your neck. Finally, we have Faith’s Shirred Sundress, with and without a ruffle option. It also features a wider strap option to help cover straps. Because these four patterns released just yesterday, they're still on sale for 30% off! 

On the Blog

Last week we released Rosetta's Ruffle Neck Dress and Top and it has been a huge hit so far! Some of our fans thought it would also be really cute without the neck ruffle, to have a simple version and also to please kids with sensory issues. We knew that it would be a pretty easy alteration to make to the pattern, so we came up with this little tutorial for you


June's Monthly Mixup is now available! This Monthly Mixup is all about not having to print a darn thing! If you don't own a printer then this is the Monthly Mixup for you! It includes Amber's, Katy's, Destiny's, Izzy's, Lacey's and Teagan's. These six awesome boutique patterns will be a great addition to your collection for just $14! That's only $2.33 per pattern! 

It's time to get ready to celebrate CKC's 4th birthday, with our first ever 50% off all patterns all day birthday sale! Start filling up your cart because it's about to be Christmas in July! Our birthday sale will run from midnight to midnight on July 1st. Look for a coupon code when we get closer. It will be announced on our fan page and our in our patterns group

Weekend Sale

Elliette's Boutique Apron Skirt is so fun and simple, and this weekend it is on sale for 50% off!  Your little girl will be twirling all throughout the house in this one! Use one or two coordinating fabrics for a sophisticated look, or go crazy with four or more different prints for that one-of-a-kind girly boutique look you love! 

Tatum's Tunic Top is on sale for half off this weekend too!  This adorable tunic length top is fully lined for comfort, while showing off the dainty use of tulle, chiffon, or lace! You can make it all one color or go for this pretty two-toned look.  Tatum's is a great beginner pattern to help you play around with new fabric options, and your little girl will be so precious wearing it! Be sure to get these patterns while they're 50% off this weekend! 

That's all our announcements for this Weekly Wound Up.  We wish you a happy weekend full of sunshine and sewing. 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

Monday, June 22, 2015

How to Make Rosetta's Without the Neck Ruffle

Last week we released Rosetta's Ruffle Neck Dress and Top and it has been a huge hit so far! Some of our fans thought it would also be really cute without the neck ruffle, to have a simple version and also to please kids with sensory issues. We knew that it would be a pretty easy alteration to make to the pattern, so we came up with this little tutorial for you! 

The first thing you will need is the Rosetta's pattern from our website. 

Cut out all pieces as explained in the pattern. Then on the bodice portion, you will cut 1.5" off the top:  

Follow the next steps in the pattern until the piece looks like below. Then sew a gathering stitch along the top edge: 

Pull the threads to gather the neck edge:

Encase the top edge of the bodice in the neck tie: 

Sew in place: 

And you're done!

That wasn't too bad, was it?!   Here's a little video recap if you'd like: 


We hope you enjoy making both versions of Rosetta's! 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Weekly Wound Up

After being away last weekend, we are now back into the routine with our Weekly Wound Up! It felt like something was missing, so it will be nice for all of us to get on the same page again. Are you ready to see our new releases and announcements for this weekend?  Let's do it! 

New Releases

On Monday, we started off the week by introducing Tansy's Knit Pajamas for girls, tweens, and women! Be sure to flip through our photo gallery to see all the options AND the happy faces! It's like three patterns in one! Tansy's has multiple options for lengths, sleeves, ruffles, and even adorable new "bow cuffs." Sleeping and lounging has never been cuter!

Then on Wednesday our new pattern releases were all about the boys! Your little guy sized NB to 18/24 months will look super cute in Baby Brody's Baseball Tee and Baby Jakob's Cuffed Shorts! They make great baby gifts too. And if your tween boy is like mine, I bet he's ready for some trendy shorts  -- You will want to check out Tween Jakob's as well! 

You are sure to get compliments wherever you go in Rosetta's! This stunning dress and top features a unique new bodice with a ruffled neckline! No shirring required with an all elastic casing back. This dress is perfect for everyday wear or it can be dressed up for something more fancy! Grab your copy today for 30% off!

On the Blog

Who's ready for another upcycle tutorial?! Don't throw those jeans out. They still have some super cute use left in them! This technique is completely daughter-who-loves-frilly-clothes-and-climbing-trees approved!  Come learn how to do it on our blog! 

Ever since the release of our cute Danika's dress/top, we have had fans ask us how to turn Danika's into a stylish yukata…so today is the day! Follow the super easy steps on our blog and you’ll have a cute robe in less than an hour!


Our next CKC Sew-Along starts on Tuesday, June 23!  Skyler's dress has both a patchwork and a simple skirt option and we will all be working on the pattern together. Simply come join our CKC Sew-Alongs group to be part of the fun. To get ready for the sew-along, Skyler's pattern is on sale so be sure to get it this weekend for a big discount! It is such a sweet dress!

Next week we are also having a joint sew-along with BWD Fabrics beginning on Monday, and the theme is Family Jammies! That's right, you can sew comfy pajamas for the whole family! (Or just one pair if you choose.) The patterns we will focus on are Tansy's for the girls/ladies, Josh's for the boys, and Taylor's for the men! This sew-along will take place on a special event page we set up (not in the usual CKC Sew-Along group) so be sure to join the event now so you won't forget! You could win free patterns and even fabric! Join the "Family Jammies Sew-Along" Group here.

It's time for a *Daddy & Son* Father's Day Contest! Mom (or Dad) can sew it, and your boys are going to model it! The challenge is to use Brody's Baseball tee (available in NB to Men's XL -- all ages are eligible!) and get a photo of them together on or before Father's Day! And to put a fun little spin on it, we're going to call it a modeling contest! The winning entry gets to be a tester of our upcoming baby-to-men's sized pattern -- AND your guys will get to be on the website! How exciting is that? Brody's is a super quick sew, very easy, and works great even for upcycling old tees, so let's get on it and have some fun! Post your entries to the wall with the hashtag #daddysoncontest by Sunday night, 11:59 est. All sizes of the Brody's pattern can be found here.

Weekend Sale

Arielle's Tankini is the perfect swimsuit for your girl this summer! No more ill-fitting suits from the store! This tankini features a sweet circle skirt and bottoms with the perfect coverage.  And the best part of all -- it is on sale for 50% off this weekend! That's quite a bargain for such a cute suit! 

Also on sale for 50% off this weekend is Tanya's Tie-Back Dress in both Toddler and Tween sizes! This darling dress is a keeper! No more bunchy layering - this is an all-in-one dress! Perfect for every season, your daughter or boutique customers will love wearing it. Mix and match your favorite new prints, or use solid colors for a more sophisticated look. It is also adorable for costumes!

That's it for this Weekly Wound Up! We hope you all have a fun-filled Father's Day Weekend! 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Danika's Yukata Tutorial

Hello, CKC Family!  Ever since the release, I’ve had fans ask how to turn the Danika's dress into a stylish yukata…so today is the day!  Follow these super easy steps and you’ll have a cute robe in less than an hour!

Materials you will need:

·         Enough SILKY fabric for a Danika's dress
·         Lace or trim (optional)
·         Danika's pattern pieces
·         Scissors
·         Pins
·         Sewing machine

Step 1 – Adding the Sleeve (optional):
After cutting out the Danika pattern piece, we are going to do a little altering to the original piece!  You may choose to add some length to the sleeve.  This step is completely optional…the yukata will turn out totally cute with the sleeve design already in the pattern!  To lengthen the sleeve while cutting the front and back pieces, continue the shoulder seam down the amount you want to lengthen.  For this one, I’m choosing 5”.  Then you will continue down with a straight vertical line the width you want your sleeve to be.  For this one, I’m doing a wide 12” opening.  Finally, cut from the bottom of the sleeve back up to the mark for seam placement that is already noted on the pattern!  Ta Da!  A new sleeve!

Step 2 – Cutting the Length:
Next, we are going to cut the length of the yukata.  Measure the distance between the top cut line and dress cut line and divide by two.  Measure down from the top length that amount and draw a line…this is your new length line.  You will want more of a tunic length for your yukata! 

Step 3 – Constructing the Dress:
Once we have the front and back pieces cut out to our personal preference, we will now follow the instructions of the pattern following steps 8 and 9.  For step 9, you will continue the sleeve seam as shown in the photo.

Step 4 – Cutting the Front:
Next we are going to open up the front of the dress.  Find the center of the front neckline and the center of the front hem and mark with pins.  Using a fabric pen or tailor’s chalk, draw a line from pin to pin so you have a vertical line down the front.  Cut on the line down the FRONT OF THE DRESS ONLY.

Step 5 – Adjusting the Neckline:
We are now going to smooth out the neckline.  There is no wrong way to do this!  Starting at the neck curve, you can cut a straight line to the center front, or you may choose to curve it.  Either way you decide, make sure you do it the same way on both sides of the yukata. 

Step 6 – Hemming:
You are now going to be doing rolled hems along the bottom, front and neckline of the yukata, and along both arm openings.  This is easiest with a serger.  If you do not have a serger, you are still able to do it, it will just take a little longer.  To do a rolled hem on a sewing machine, fold the fabric back 1/4", iron, then turn it back another 1/4", iron and sew 1/8” away from the fold.  It’s very simple, just time consuming, but it is worth it!

Step 7 – Adding Trim (optional):
You may choose to embellish your new yukata with lace, bias trim or even a pretty ribbon!  You can sew it to the bottom hem, around the front and neckline, the sleeves…or all of the above!

And look at that!  You just modified a fabulous pattern in 7 easy steps!  There are so many possibilities to customize them by adding different lace or ribbon to the openings or trying different printed fabric!  Try that pretty robe on and prepare to feel amazing!

Be sure to share your Danika's yukata creations in the pattern group!

Love, Kristi

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Upcycle Old Jeans into Boutique Shorts

It's that time of year again.  It's hot outside, the kids need new shorts, and all their jeans are just sitting there mocking us with their worn knees. We have a few options: we can go shopping (fun), we can make shorts from scratch (even more fun), or we can cut off their jeans and call them shorts (functional but not as fun).

~ OR ~

We can make their old jeans into something new and fabulous! Shorts that aren't just okay, but super duper boutique-style cute! Like this ~

 There are a LOT of variations you can make with this tutorial, of course. The shorts can be made short or long, and simple or frilly, depending on the embellishments you decide to use. This was exactly what my daughter wanted, and I'm sure your girl will be happy to get involved as you make hers too! 

 The basic tutorial today will show how to add a cute fabric cuff to the shorts. (You will decide whether you want the cuffs to fold up or down. More on that later.) Then I will give a few ideas for embellishing and then the rest is up to you! What I love about this technique is that the finished edge is sturdy and the shorts are cute enough to wear just about anywhere! She can wear a coordinating top with them or just throw on a fun tee! 

Let's get started!

First, make sure the jeans still fit and decide how long you want the shorts to be. I usually cut just above the faded knee area and then figure out what I want to do from there. 

Use a straight edge to mark and cut a straight line across one leg, removing it. Then place that cut piece on top of the opposite leg (flip it so it's mirrored) and use that as a guide to cut the same amount off the second leg.  You could also measure the inseams to check for accuracy, but I haven't ever found that I'm off by doing it the way I just described.

You can hand the leg pieces over to your kids to play with; you won't need them anymore. 

 Now we will quickly figure the size of fabric we need for each cuff: 

First, measure the bottom edge of the shorts on one leg. 

The flat width x 2 will tell us the full width of the round leg. Then add 3/4" to that, for seam allowances. 

For example, these shorts are 6" across.  Multiply that by 2 to get 12".  Then add 3/4", and my final number is 12.75".  That is the WIDTH of each cuff piece (side to side). 

To figure the length (up and down) of each cuff piece, you can decide how tall you want your cuff to be, times it by 2, and add 3/4".  In my example, I wanted the cuffs to be 2" so I multiplied that by 2 to get 4" and added 3/4" to get a total of 4.75". That is the LENGTH of the cuff piece (up and down). 

Now I know that each cuff piece for my shorts will be 4.75" long and 12.75" wide. 

If you happen to like math equations, this might help as a review: 

Length = (cuff x 2) + .75" 
Width = (flat cut width x 2) + .75" 

Go ahead and cut the fabric to those dimensions. Don't forget to make one for each leg! 

Take one of the cuff pieces and fold it in half widthwise with right sides together, matching up the short ends. Sew the ends together, as shown in red above. 

Turn half of the cuff up so the fabric is now right side out and folded into a cuff shape. In the photo, the raw edges are at the top and the folds are at the bottom.  Repeat these steps with the second cuff. 

The cuffs are now ready! 

Pin like this if you want the cuffs to fold downward on the completed shorts. 

Option 1: Slide one of the cuffs up onto the leg with the fold at the top and the raw edges matching at the bottom. You will want the seam of the cuff to match up with the inside leg seam of the shorts. Pin the cuff in place around the bottom edge.   Repeat with the second leg cuff. 

Note: The above method is for when you want the cuff to fold downward from the shorts, adding length to the shorts.  If you would prefer for the cuffs to fold upward instead, forming a true cuff on the shorts and not adding any length, then you will put the cuff inside the shorts, as shown below: 

Pin like this if you want the cuffs to fold upward on the completed shorts.
 Option 2: As shown above, insert the cuffs into the shorts opening, lining up the seam of the cuff with the inside seam of the shorts. Match the raw edges and pin in place. Repeat with the second leg cuff.

Either option is great as long as both legs are matching! With both cuffs pinned in place, your shorts should look something like this for Option 1, or they would both be inside for Option 2. 

Using a sturdy denim needle if possible, sew around the pinned edges, using a 3/8" seam allowance. Repeat with the second leg.

 Then zigzag or serge to finish the raw edges so they won't fray. (I used my serger with the knife off because of the bulky denim seams!)  Repeat with the second leg. 

With the cuffs attached, fold them either up or down, depending where you want them to be. The seams you just sewed should not be visible on the outside. 

With the cuff where you want it, topstitch 1/8" from the edge to keep the seams folded upward and to keep the cuffs from flipping. This applies to both cuff options. For option 1, the topstitching will be on the denim (as shown in the photo above). For option 2, the topstitching will be on the bottom of the cuff. You can topstitch the top of the cuff in place as well, but it is not necessary. 

Look how cute that is!  You can be done now, or you can add more embellishments. This was my first idea: 

I love cute button accents, especially when they are fun shapes and sizes! I suggest using odd numbers of buttons and placing them off center to the outside, but you can do it any way you like. 

 My daughter wanted something more fluffy, however, so we made this scrappy flower. I cut several strips of fabric and gathered them down the centers using a basting stitch. Then I just gathered them in and sewed them in place. If you want more of a tutorial, I believe there is something similar in  our Megan's accessory pack pattern.  But really you can use any kind of fabric flower or bow -- or even store bought embellishments!  

We thought it would even be cute to add a flower to the pocket, or maybe make a braided belt to wear with her shorts! 

 But in the end, she wanted to wear her favorite long tee and have the flower on the cuff.  I think it's pretty cute there. 

That's my girl! 

I'm sure you can think of other ways to embellish these that I haven't tried yet.  I can't wait to see what you make!  

Let's Create!  ~ Kristen